Sights to see

The area of Millenáris park was once the home of Ganz Villamossági Művek (Ganz Electrical Industries). The mostly untouched buildings have been renovated after 2000 preserving the looks and adding some new features. In 2002 the renovated factory building and design of the surrounding park was awarded with the Európa Nostra-award.

The Park offers options for alternative outdoor leisure activities and other outdoor events. One of the main advantages is the free to use areas covered with soft grass not to mention the size of these. The outdoor activities are supported by the Zöld Péter playground depicting the motives of the Hungarian folk tales, the Music-pavilion built on the lake, the buffet and the outdoor stage. The total area of the park is about 35 000 m², out of this 3000 m² is the area of the ponds and lakes.