Frequently asked questions

  • What is the lower age limit of your playhouse?
    Our playhouse is recommended for children over 1 year. We promise that even the youngest will have a lot of fun in the area designed for toddlers with a lot of things to discover like the mini climbing-frames, mini slides and the ball pool.
  • What is the validity of the daily ticket?
    They can be used for a one time entry with no time limit. Once you are in the only time restriction is meant by the opening hours.
  • What is the age limit of the mentor ticket?
    Visitors must be over 18 years to be allowed to by a mentor ticket.
  • Is there any supervision in the playhouse?
    All of our animators are trained first-aiders.
  • Is the playhouse dangerous?
    We are fully in line with all the safety and security regulations. Ensuring that no incidents happen was our top priority during the planning phase and also during operation. By the strict entry/exit rules all visitors under the age of 14 have to be accompanied by a parent as a guide.
  • What is the recommended outfit?
    Comfortable layered outfit is what we recommend. Visitors can only enter in socks, changing shoes or shoe bags.
  • What entertainment options are offered to visiting adults?
    We have free Wi-Fi, the bistro upstairs offer fresh coffee and soft drinks, not to mention most of the games can be used together with the children.
  • Are there nursing rooms and easy to access toilets in the playhouse?
    Yes, both can be found on the base level next to the regular toilets.
  • What is the „babysitting” option?
    No parents have to be afraid if any unforeseen event ruins the daily plans and there is nobody who could take care of their child. As Millipop is huge, offering games on multiple levels this option is only available to children who reach the required mental maturity and self-control (minimum age: 7). For this period we serve food and beverages to the kids in line with the chosen service pack.
  • What are the tokens for?
    We have some gaming - machines to improve the basic skills of the children. These can only be used with the tokens.
  • Is there a cloakroom available?
    We offer lockers to our visitors that can be used in change of 1000 HUF deposit.
  • Opening hours
    We are open from 10AM until 8PM every day of the year. We will inform you about the possible changes on our website!
  • Can I pay by SZÉP card, Erzsébet voucher?
    For now we can only accept cash a credit/debit cards.

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