Millipop SmileFactory

The Millipop Smile-factory opened its gates recently in the well-known location of Millenáris park. Our playhouse often referred to as the playground of Buda is the realm of culture and entertainment for families.

Being a playground more than 2000 square meters, offering direct connection to the garden, a family friendly price-policy, excellent location and one of a kind game palette made are playhouse one of the most prestigious ones in Budapest. We have built up our kingdom in the Reception building of Millenáris park. We have the biggest climbing frame complex of the country including a more than 7 meters high gang-slide, 45 degree trampolines, spiral, wandering and kamikaze slides, a giant ball pool, with a separated place for toddlers and a ballastic arena. The games that can be used with tokens aim at improving dexterity and other skills offering entertainment for all visitors. The gallery level has some separated parts for private birthday parties and it gives place to an essential part of the playhouse: the bistro and cafe representing figural gastronomy. As an additional fact the Plaster-Age Creative Playhouse has also opened its first unit in Buda.
Our building is fully compliant with all the safety regulations in place. During the planning phase and also during our operation avoiding any incidents is the absolute priority. There is a strict entry/exit rule in place. Children under the age of 14 can visit the venue under parental supervision only. All Millipop animators are trained first-aiders.