Food & Drink

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Food & Drink


Bruschetta (tomato flavour)1,090 Ft

Main Courses

Capri tagliatelle (chicken)1,790 Ft
Capri tagliatelle (salmon)3,090 Ft
Fish & Chips with remulad sauce1,790 Ft
Bistro burger (chicken, beef)1,890 Ft
Breaded cheese with fries1,590 Ft
Bistro brassói with fries1,890 Ft
Salmon steak with vegetable julien, and spinach with garlic2,700 Ft
Spiral-shaped french fries with sour cream690 Ft


Margherita (basil, mozzarella, tomato)1,390 Ft
Hawaii (ananas, mozzarella, ham)1,590 Ft
Prosciutto e funghi (mushroom, ham, mozzarella)1,690 Ft
Quattro stagioni (mushroom, corn, mozzarella, olive, ham)1,790 Ft
Ungherese (bacon, onion, pepperoni, campagnolo salami, mozzarella)1,810 Ft
Diavola (mozzarella, pepperoni, spicy napolitan sausage)1,890 Ft
Tonno e Chippola (onion, egg, tuna, mozzarella)1,890 Ft
Quattro formaggi (four kind of cheese)1,890 Ft
Pizza ala Milli (basil, mozzarella,olive, tomatoe slices, salami, dried tomato)2,090 Ft
Prosciutto di Parma (ruccola, ham, coctail tomato, mozzarella)2,190 Ft
Meatlover (bacon, chicken, smoked ham, salami, mozzarella)2,290 Ft

Kid's menu

Kid's chicken slides with apple salad1,290 Ft
Kid's mini cheeseburger1,290 Ft
Kid's hot-dog1,290 Ft
Kid's Fish & Chips1,290 Ft


Chicken breast in parmesan coat1,790 Ft
Ceasar salad with chcken breast1,890 Ft

Side Dishes

French fries400 Ft
Steamed rice400 Ft
Spiral-shaped french fries600 Ft
Salad800 Ft
Grilled vegetables650 Ft


Brownie with vanilla ice cream690 Ft
Cheesecake690 Ft

Cold Drinks

Naturaqua mineral water (carbonated/carbonfree)290 Ft
Coca Cola, Light, Fanta, Sprite440 Ft
Nestea (peach, lemon, green)440 Ft
Granini490 Ft
Sió juice (apple, orange, peach)340 Ft
Sió juice (100%)390 Ft
Sió juice (100%)440 Ft
Sió Vitatigris mashed fruit juice 100%340 Ft
Sió Vitatigris240 Ft
Sió Vitatigris PET440 Ft
Burn energy drink490 Ft

Hot Drinks

Espresso440 Ft
Long coffee490 Ft
Cappuccino640 Ft
Latte macchiato740 Ft
Hot chocolate (white, coconut, orange-cinnamon, nut)590 Ft
Tea (green, earl-grey, persian apple, forest fruit)590 Ft