Happy package


Detailed comparison:

http://static.millipopjatszo.hu/Birthday party information_Millipop_2017.pdf

IMPORTANT information: 

  • 2 hours duration (no time limit after the 2 hours expired), 
  • minimum 8 kids,
  • maximum of two birthdays in one event
  • No hot meals included!
  • Cake is the only food allowed!!


"Happy" package

  • sliding competition
  • team competition
  • No time limit after the 2 hours,
  • 2 hours of box or hall usage
  • 5 game chips / child,
  • popcorn for snack, unlimited soft drinks during hall usage,
  • Adults: Free entry for 10, (additional tickets can be purchased for 700 HUF/person on weekdays, 1000 HUF/person on weekends)
  • 1 animator,
  • birthday greeting music, plates, napkins and cutlery for the cake
  • basic decoration 

Price of the package:

Off period (Mon to Thu): 4 300 HUF /child​ 

Peak time (Fri to Sun, Holidays, School holidays): 4 800 HUF /child

Extra organized programs can be ordered that are not included in the package price!! 

Extra services

  • Treasure hunting
  • Glitter-tattoos
  • Face painting
  • Simulator championship 
  • Joy dance all together
  • Basic piñata
  • Design piñata (choose the style)
  • Costumed animator (Batman, Snow-white, Minnie, Clown)
  • Photographer (arrival, and during the programs, sessions. The pictures will be forwarded via web-galleries)